Meet the Team

David Roberts -Managing Director

Founder of New Reality.

A former freelance editor who, after being constantly asked if he knew cameramen, photographers, graphic designers, sound recordists and animators that could be brought into projects, decided to bring all these freelancers together in a ‘one stop shop for any visual media' - New Reality. David Roberts has since become one of the UK's leading video marketing experts.

David has since provided video marketing for such companies as DHL, Argos, Holiday Inn, NHS, University of Liverpool, London metropolitan Police and Unilever to name just a few. He has also worked with a long list of councils and government agencies. David is a business mentor to University students, Princes Trust businesses and a variety of small to medium sized enterprises.

If you are interested in our training services, David delivers our video marketing seminars, freelancer workshops and one to one mentoring training.

David's favourite film quote:

'It works 60% of the time...every time - Brian Fantana - Anchorman

Shaun Bishop -Creative Director

Head of film production at New Reality.

Shaun, a expert cameraman, has a wealth of experience producing films for TV, public sector, educational, corporate and training productions.

Shaun and his production team have developed a technique that is extremely quick, whilst still being able to produce high quality films.

Shaun has been with New Reality since its founding and has been a massive influence on the friendly, professional and dedicated customer service which we feel really makes us stand out from the competition.

Favourite film quote: '

Keith Lupton -Head of Photography & Design

Head of New Reality's photography & design department.

Keith started his career as a dedicated photographer who excels in all areas of photography including advertising, event, portrait, architecture, products and weddings. Keith has travelled the UK to provide fantastic images to a variety of clients. Keith is also a experienced designer and he oversees his design team of dynamic web & graphic designers.

Keith's favourite film quote:

'Why don't you make like a tree.....and get the hell out of here!' - Biff Tannen - Back to the Future

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