Working with Marketing & Design Agencies

Would you like to add to your businesses income each month and to your lists of services without having to spend anything?
This is what we've been doing for your competitors and we want to help you too.

We often film interviews, client testimonials, product demonstrations, events and services in practice for agencies and then edit it all together into high quality promotional videos for web, dvd and display.
The great thing about offering video as a services is that you wont have to pay a thing - your customers will pay for it.
Our prices are also so competitive at the moment that you can give yourself a decent project management fee on top of our fees whilst still being able to offer your client fantastic value for money.
We are highly professional, work in high definition video, provide a dedicated customer service and we also like to think that we are a bit of a laugh and make the whole process easy for every one.

Give me a call to discuss how we can help you bring in more business (and help you promote the service with a free showreel of our previous work with your branding)

The video above takes you through this process of working with partners.

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