Photo Printing

New Reality offer a high quality, low cost printing service.

All you have to do is email over your image with details of the size print you require and the quantity of images you want.

Delivery time is usually 5-7 days.

Images can either be matte, lustre or gloss - we always suggest lustre, which has a more professional feel to it.

Size   Price

6x4”   £4.99 & vat

8x6”   £9.99 & vat

10x8”   £14.99 & vat

12x8”   £18.99 & vat

15x10”  £21.99 & vat

18x12”  £25.99 & vat

20x16”  £35.99 & vat

24x16”  £39.99 & vat

20x30”  £59.99 & vat

We can also provide canvas prints too

10x12” Canvas £45.99

14x11” Canvas £49.99

16x12” Canvas £54.99

12x18” Canvas £59.99

24x16” Canvas £69.99

24x20” Canvas £79.99

20x30” Canvas £89.99

Do you have any favourite photos that we could improve? Check out our photo editing service.

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