Staff Interviews - Video Production

If you team are your most important asset, you need to prove that they are dedicated, professional and actually care about what they do.

Filming staff interviews can do this.

Beforehand we plan out questions (rather than a script to read) to make the interview relaxed and effective.

Reading a script to camera can often be cold and uncomfortable to watch, so we use questions that let people answer honestly and comfortably.

This also helps clients see the sense of humour of the staff, which is important if clients are going to have to be working with them day in day out.

Our questions are edited out so it seems like a natural speech rather than a interview and we cut it with shots of your montages in practice.

We like to take time to settle our interviewees and make them feel comfortable, so we do not rush anybody.

We'd have a little chat beforehand to work out what might be the best answers to the

questions and we'd go over the whole filming process with them.

This will make people a lot more comfortable once we press the record button.

If you are looking to record staff interviews it would also be really effective if you recorded Client testimonials too.

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