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We've been glad to see more and more businesses realising that having video testimonials from satisfied customers on their website is one of the most effective sales tools a company can have.
We've been listening to a variety of business seminars over the last few months and each and every speaker has mentioned the advantages of having video testimonials for your business.
We try to explain to all our clients that getting these testimonials is vital - if you had to choose one thing to film we would always say testimonials! Interviews like this PROVE your track record, they PROVE you offer great value for money, they PROVE you have a dedicated customer service....something text just cant do.

People wont have to take a salesman's word for it, video testimonials prove your reputation.

A written testimonial doesn't show how much people really appreciate you, video can actually show peoples emotions.

If you are bringing in clients for testimonials, it is also a great idea to have staff interviews to prove the professionalism of you team

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