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If you provide support to other individuals & businesses, you will know that placing yourself as one of the leading experts in your field can let you raise your prices and bring in more leads.

First, you need to prove you track record.

If you do not, no one will believe the amount of success you have provided to your clients! Professionally filming & interviewing your clients can really show how much they appreciate you and can emotionally thank you for you help. This is the marketing that is most effective these days, providing proof of your success - not just having to take a sales mans word for it.

Also, filming a interview with yourself can make you instantly approachable.

A introductional video like this can show clients some of your personality, proving you would be great to work with as well being able to provide great knowledge.

New Reality Media can film you discussing the benefits of your service and providing information that only a expert like you can provide (and editing it with shots of you providing your services to clients).

Then you can use these films in a variety of places - on your website, on you tube, on facebook, in email shots & as a link for twitter

By having something as simple as a 60 second video introducing a client to your website can greatly increase the amount of people that actually pick up the phone to get in touch.

Or you feel you would just like video testimonials from clients, check out our testimonials page.

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