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New Reality are experts at producing viral films.

A viral film is a video that gains more and more exposure by being passed around online.

You need to plan for a viral video thinking 'would people pass this video to their friends & colleagues?'

The best viral videos are ones that are either funny or impressive, a video that just explains your service will not be a successful viral video!

So you need to think out of the box.

The video above is a impressive trick shot video produced by a professional pool player in partnership with a shoe manufacturer (the shoes are placed on the table used as obstacles).

The link to the video is sent out and people who find it impressive forward it in emails, add it to blogs, update it to facebook status's & add as links on twitter (to name just a few online avenues).

This gives you masses of brand exposure with little effort from yourselves.

We can help with coming up with a concept too, so if you are looking for a viral video but not exactly sure what you should do, let us put some ideas together for you to see if you think any of them would do the job.

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